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Guaranteed Top 10 Rankings within 6 months or your money back*.

Enjoy great peace of mind with our SEO Service. Cast away all your worries concerning the stifling online competition. Your website can now enjoy excellent online visibility with our Guaranteed SEO Service. You do not have to take chances with your SEO budget any longer. Our SEO service is absolutely risk free; get top ten ranking within six months or your money back.

Improve online visibility and increase traffic rate with our SEO services. No matter how tough the competition is to break, we are here to help you. We use only 100% ethical SEO techniques to improve online visibility in the leading search engines. Our SEO service is compliant with all the latest Google algorithms including Google Panda 4.0. You are therefore sure to enjoy the best results.


You will find our all-inclusive pricing very competitive. You just need to pay for what you get; yes, we will give you customized quote after reviewing your niche and your keyword requirements. We have the most experienced team of SEO experts that will be engaged to optimize and rank your website. We are one of the most preferred SEO companies on the web and we have served over 30,000 customers since 2006. You can therefore count on our expertise and you will certainly not be disappointed. SubmitEdgeSEO keeps to the SEO best practices SEO and abides by very high professional standards. Choose SubmitEdgeSEO, boost your brand visibility and lead the competition online using the most search engine friendly SEO strategies.

Our Process:

Initial Consultation & Keywords:

Prior to making any SEO related changes to your website our technical team will review your site closely so as to make sure that we will not come across any unforeseen problems at a later stage. One of our SEO specialists to engage in a customized research to collect the necessary data from which he will create a list of targeted keywords that attract most traffic in your business vertical. The SEO specialist assigned to work on your website will consult with you to finalize the best keywords.

Content Creation:

Once the keywords are finalized our content team will take over. They will use their training and experience to create highly effective content that is original and unique. They will also make use of your current website content whenever possible. The content that is created will not only be search engine friendly, it will also be professional enough to market your site with the human readers. All these will be done in close consultation with you so that the essence of your website is not compromised.

Website Redevelopment:

We will do everything that is necessary to make your website search engine friendly. Your site will be redeveloped completely to ensure seamless integration of the new optimized content. In this process the entire website will be subjected revision the architecture, graphic text, meta tags, alt tags, internal linking pattern and the sub-pages will be modified to the necessary extent. In all these SubmitEdgeseo will ensure not to disturb the design integrity and the essence of the website. We will employ only SEO techniques that are ethically sound.

Link Development:

Besides site optimization, link popularity or link development is another important aspect of your website’s search engine success. You should have links pointing to your site from other popular websites with good page rank. Our SEO Expert will take care of link development as well. We use a number of highly effective link building strategies.


We have highly streamlined reporting procedures. We will generate a ranking report prior to the commencement of the optimization process and this report will indicate website’s ranking in various search engines. This report will be sent to you and this will serve as the point of reference which you can use to compare the results of our optimization. After the completion of the optimization, you will receive monthly reports via Email so that you can keep track of the progress. Besides generating monthly status reports, we will also monitor your site on weekly basis to make sure that ranking is not dropped out by any major search engines. Our team will be in constant touch with you via phone or email. We are also be happy to receive your call anytime to respond to any questions you may have.


Fees will depend on how competitive your keywords are. Please fill “request a quote” form and one of our SEO expert will get back to you soon.

Guaranteed SEO Ranking:

SubmitEdgeseo offers value for your money through its service level guarantee for your campaign. On reviewing your site and the keyword competition involved we will be able to give you realistic guarantee that is specific to your requirements. We will certainly be able to meet any SEO guarantee that you get online if not outdo such guarantees. All our optimization packages come with the following basic guarantee:

SubmitEdgeseo offers money back guarantee on its “Guaranteed SEO”! If we fail to give you top 10 positions over a period of 6 months, we will refund your money. For further information do feel free to contact one of our SEO professionals and they will be happy to offer you suitable suggestions drawn from our performance experience.*

*Disclaimer: Guarantees of any form will have to be stated explicitly in an agreement that will be signed by and between the client and SubmitEdgeseo. Refunds will include only the service charges and not any fee paid towards paid directory inclusion such as Yahoo Directory submission ($299) as these fees are paid directly to these directories.

Our Services

SEO Services Pricing Details

Complete Social Media Marketing Package


Service Name SMO-1 SMO-2 SMO-3
Brand Page Creation
Facebook 45 120 180
Twitter 45 120 180
Google+ 45 120 180
Content Scheduling
Daily Monitoring & Tracking conversations
Community Building
Social Media Cross Promotion
Monthly Analytics & Insights 2 5 10
Total Reviews 10 20 30
Customised Cover Photo 2 4 6
Campaign / Contest
Facebook Add $149 $499 $999
Duration 2 months 4 months 6 months
Price $1299 $2299 $3299

Complete Website Marketing Packages

Properties Basic Plan Plan – 1 Plan – 2 Plan – 3
No. of Keywords 10 15 20 25
Content Writing
(We will be writing the content. It will be sent to you for approval.)
Seo Packages
High Quality Directory Submission 50 DS 150 DS
(50 DS per month)
300 DS
(50 DS per month)
450 DS
(50 DS per month)
High Quality Article Submission 50 AS 150 AS – 5 unique Articles
(50 AS per month)
300 AS – 10 unique Articles
(50 AS per month)
450 AS – 15 unique Articles
(50 AS per month)
High Quality Social Bookmarking 50 SBM 150 SBM
(50 SBM per month)
300 SBM
(50 SBM per month)
450 SBM
(50 SBM per month)
High Quality Article Listing + Promotion 3 9
(3 Post per month)
(2 Post per month)
(2 Post Per month)
High Quality General Blog Posting + Promotion 3 9
(3 Post per month)
(2 Post per month)
(2 Post Per month)
High quality Web 2.0 Creation + Promotion 3 9
(3 Post per month)
(2 Post per month)
(2 Post Per month)
Niche Blog Posting + Promotion 3 9
(3 Post per month)
(2 Post per month)
(2 Post Per month)
Slideshare Profile Creation + Content Submission + Promotion 1 3
( 1- 500 words content per month)
( 1- 500 words content per month)
( 1- 500 words content per month)
Tumblr Profile Creation + Content Submission + Promotion 1 3
( 1- 500 words content per month)
( 1- 500 words content per month)
( 1- 500 words content per month)
SMO Packages
Facebook Posting 10 45 90 150
Facebook Group Creation & Promotion
Twitter Posting 10 45 90 150
Twitter List Creation
Google+ Posting 10 45 90 150
Google+ community Creation & Promotion
Internal Profile Linking
Social Media Consulting
Daily Monitoring and Forwarding queries to concerned authority
Fan Building
Dedicated Social Media Expert
Customer Support
Professional Customer Support
Dedicated Manager for the Campaign
Panda & Penguin updates compatible
Monthly Detailed Report
Plan Duration 1 Months 3 Months 6 Months 9 Months
Price $599 $1499 $2699 $3999

Monthly SEO Service Plan

Services MSS Plan-1 MSS Plan-2 MSS Plan-3
No. Of Keywords 5 10 15
High DA Manual Directory submission 25 DS 50 DS 75 DS
Quality Manual Social Bookmarking 25 SBM 50 SBM 75 SBM
General High DA Blog posting 2 BP – 500 words each 3 BP – 500 words each 5 BP – 500 words each
High quality Web 2.0 properties creation 2 Web 2.0 – 500 words each 3 Web 2.0 – 500 words each 5 Web 2.0 – 500 words each
High Quality Article Listing 1 AL – 500 words each 3 AL – 500 words each 5 AL – 500 words each
Niche Blog posting 1 NBP – 500 words each 3 NBP – 500 words each 5 NBP – 500 words each
Classified Submission 10 Classified Submission 15 Classified Submission
Press Release Writing & Submission 2 PR writing & Submission – 750 words
SlideShare Document creation, submission & Promotion 1 Doc – 1000 Words
Total content creation in the monthly plan 3240 Words unique content creation 6540 Words unique content creation 11250 Words unique content creation
Content Writing (We will create the content and send it to you for approval.)
Plan Duration 30 days 30 days 30 days
One Time Payment
Price $149 $299 $499

Local SEO Service Packages

Local Seo Package LSS-1 LSS-2 LSS-3
Main Keywords 5 15 30
Analysis & Reporting
Local Business Setup
On Page Optimization Home + 1 Inner Page Home + 3 Inner Pages Home + 6 Inner Pages
Local Business Promotion
Analytics And Reporting
Local Business Setup
About Company – Create & Optimize
Google + Listing
Google Map Listing
Additional Business Sites &
Yellow Pages
Local Web Promotion
Yellow pages listing
Social Bookmarking
Local Classified Submission
Content Writing [We will create the content and send it to you for approval.]
PR Writing & Distribution 10 30 60
Web 2.0 Properties 5 15 30
Article Submission 5 15 30
Image and video sharing 2 6 12
Q/A Postings
Yelp – Local optimization
CitySearch – Local optimization
Blog post and sharing on social sites
Positive Review & Rating Submissions
Analytics And Reporting
Monthly Project Report
Ranking Report
Duration 1 month 3 month 6 month
Price $249 $549 $999
Package Name Duration (Days) Article (In words) No. of Backlinks Price Order
CLB-1 25 Days 7550 30 $499 BUY NOW
CLB-2 50 Days 15100 60 $799 BUY NOW
CLB-3 75 Days 22650 90 $1299 BUY NOW